WebSDR Server

Since 2013 (Formerly in Waller, Texas)
Currently Located in Gatesville, Texas

Current WebSDR Hardware: (02/2023)
Receivers: 3 X Nooelec SMArt TCXO USB Dongles 1 X NooElec Ham it Up Plus TCXO v1.3 Upconverter
           Antenna: MW/80M/40M Band: Prototype Active RX Loop 
Computer System: Upgraded Dell 537MT, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz. OpenSuSE Linux 12.3

Current Hardware Built and Maintained by Chris KF5JMD
For Help with this Server email KF5JMD2020@gmail.com. This Email is up to date and is working.
More information about the WebSDR project can be found on http://www.websdr.org

Best WebSDR Servers:
Thanks to Skywave Linux for listing this WebSDR as one of the best WebSDR Servers. https://skywavelinux.com/best-sdrservers.html


03/26/2020 Updated an Email Address in case users need to contact admin of this WebSDR Server: KF5JMD2020@gmail.com

09/28/2023 Added 4th Receiver, set it for now to 20 Meters Band. It may drift off Frequency as it is NOT a TCXO Receiver, the other 3 are TCXO. Also will likely be adding 10/11 Meters to this WebSDR soon.

02/05/2023 Switched to an old Prototype Active Receive Loop Antenna I had built like 5 years ago. WORKS FANTASTIC compared to the Endfed that was plauged with hashing noise from something local. This is located right in the middle of a city with all kinds of noisy stuff everywhere!

01/22/2023 Currently this WebSDR is located 2 miles North of Ft. Hood Army Base, and 15 miles West of SpaceX Rocket Test and Training Facility (near Macgregor, TX) in Gatesville, TX.

Sometimes you won't hear much here, or not what you expect. Usually this is because of wacky Propagation stuff. Below is a good link to use to get a general idea of what current propagation is like.
For Current Band Propagation charts for this WebSDR's area, check the Region 6 Army MARS Consolidated Space Weather page:

The WSPR Propagation Reporting Map is also a really good way to see what band is doing what for this area (Houston, TX / Gulf Coast area) Eventually I'd like to setup WSPR reporting on this WebSDR Server. If it was an option years ago I'd have done it then!


Big thanks to WebSDR user Jeff for a generous donation for the WebSDR. Will be getting those new batteries for the UPS's ordered this weekend, been needing those for a while.
Also thanks to WebSDR user Peter for his generous donation.

If you would like to donate some equipment or funds, please email me Chris @ kf5jmd2020@gmail.com

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